Make Sure Your Business Deal & Meeting is Well Taken Care

We also offer business & meeting rooms for any occasion business deals. In addition, all business meeting supporting equipments such as LED projector, chairs, tables and sounds system are available for hire.

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Ready for any occasion

We hear your business needs. Talk to us to get the best deal from our business and meeting rooms.

Jade Room

Size: 128-sqm
Theater: 100 pax
Dinner: 8 tables
U Shape: 50 pax
Class room: 70 pax

Emerald Room

Size: 315-sqm
Theater: 200 pax
Dinner: 12 tables
U Shape: 70 pax
Class room: 100 pax

Ruby Room

Size: 263-sqm
Theater: 120 pax
Dinner: 15 tables
Cocktail: 300 pax
U Shape: 70 pax
Class Room: 150 pax

Sapphire Room

Size: 750-sqm
Theater: 800 pax
Dinner: 60 Tables
Cocktail: 1500 pax
Classroom: 300 pax

Diamond Room

Size: 1500-sqm
Theater: 2000 pax
Dinner: 135 Tables
Cocktail: 3000 pax
Classroom: 1000 px